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Who Are We?

Established in 2022, Paladin Technology Solutions is an exclusive agency representing Arthrex. Paladin is a privately held agency with a family business culture consistently committed to delivering uncompromising quality to all healthcare professionals who use our products which immensely impact the lives of countless patients in our area.

At Paladin, our mission is to extend Arthrex's goal of helping surgeons treat their patients better. As of a result of this, Paladin is able to witness the change in patient's lives and surgeon development. Our knowledgeable representatives are in the operating room daily and function as technology consultants for our customers.

Core Values and Vision

  • Lead with Heart and Passion

  • Build Connections and Earn Trust

  • Breed Leadership through Development

  • Live out the "Why"

  • Carry the vision of Arthrex

The Heart of Arthrex

Paul Reiss, Clinical Specialist

"Paladin is a top agency because it prioritizes surgeon education and rep/doctor relationship to optimize the best outcomes for patients. Paladin is filled with smart, outgoing representatives that are lead by great management that are willing to do anything for the reps and doctors to succeed."

Erica Stengel, Sales Representative

"Paladin Technology, in one short year, has demonstrated strong leadership and commitment from our management staff, as well as each individual team member. The environment is encouraging of personal and professional growth, with an endless supply of resources. I am excited to be part of such a great, strong team!"

John Sheridan, Technology Specialist

"Paladin Technology Solutions representing Arthrex is committed to providing top level service to greater Philadelphia area surgeons. We as representatives care deeply about surgeons and their patients. We are committed to delivering medical education at our wet lab in Conshohocken to help improve patient outcomes and surgical success in our communities. We are passionate about providing the best surgical services in the region. You won’t find a better team than at Paladin."
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